Live Videos

Many bands present you a polished video promo with flashy titles and studio quality recordings to sell their act. We're sure you'll agree that type of promo is brilliant & makes them look fantastic but, you're sometimes left feeling a little dissapointed by the "real thing" on stage.

Most of the videos on this page were recorded by audience members at various gigs and posted to YouTube or Facebook. Often we're not even aware we're being filmed and don't know who was operating the camera.

What we do know is what you see here is what you get when you book Australian Played. In fact, the closest we have ever come to a 'studio' recording can be heard in our audio demos that we recorded 'live to air' on Campbelltown's C91.3FM during Rob Doorey's drive time show in 2003.

We trust you enjoy the videos!

Jimmy Barnes Fan - 2011

Recorded "Live & Alive" - 10th November 2011. Allphones Arena Cold Chisel Total Concert Experience function hosted by Richard Wilkins. Many thanks to Noel & Guy Sadler of Skip Film Productions for their great work.

Posted by Australian Played on Wednesday, 16 November 2011
Run to Paradise - Australian Played

Run to Paradise - Recorded "Live & Alive" 10/11/2011 Allphones Arena, Cold Chisel Total Concert Experience.

Posted by Australian Played on Thursday, 1 December 2011
Narelle Brown says...
"Australian Played is without a doubt the best live Aussie cover band around. I have seen these guys do their thing and the energy and enthusiasm they display is brilliant. Musically, they are a talented bunch and the delivery of Aussie classics is second to none. Do your venue a favour and book Australian Played."
Narelle Brown/Director- Jaybee's Entertainment - October 2010