Classic Aussie Music - Live & Alive

Australian Played LiveThere once was a time when, you couldn't walk or drive past almost any corner pub in the city or country, on any given Friday or Saturday night and NOT hear the sound of music wafting into the street. Just like the aroma of snags cooking on your neighbours BBQ, it whetted your appetite and you just had to go in for a taste.

But this wasn't just any music. It didn't come from a machine with flashing lights, buttons and spinning reels. It wasn't contained in a flat, silver disc or on a flat screen, wall mounted TV. It was LIVE, full of colour and life and unashamedly Australian.

Bands like INXS, Australian Crawl, Cold Chisel, Daddy Cool, Men at Work & The Angels delivered to us the anthems that became the soundtrack to our lives, live on stage, every Friday & Saturday night.

Our "Classic Aussie Rock Show" brings back the anthems, the sights & the sensation in an all live, 5 piece show featuring classic hits from the 60's through to current releases and has something to suit every patriotic lover of 'true blue' Australian Music.

Each member of the band has no less than 20 years live experience and as a group have been performing together since 1999 with the exception of Jim Astley who joined us in June 2015.