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Every November is Ausmusic Month at Nightlife — a commitment that spans our entire network and focuses on getting more Australian music played in public spaces!

In 2023, we’re once again inviting our clients and partners, as well as consumers and artists, to support local when picking music on Nightlife and crowdDJ.

camera_alt Betty Taylor | The Warehouse | BIGSOUND 2023

Why Ausmusic Month Matters to us

Nightlife LOVES homegrown sounds — As a music entertainment service that’s born and based in Brisbane, we believe in supporting our local industry, wherever and whenever possible.

"We all have a part to play in strengthening the culture around Australia’s music industry. At Nightlife, we’re committed to amplifying local artists, their tracks and stories, wherever we can.

That’s why, year after year, we bring together the best tech, products and people, to make it easier than ever for businesses and brands to turn the volume up on Australian music."

Matthew Lymbury
Head of Content

A group of people attending a busy bar in Brisbane, Australia.

Nightlife has recorded up to a 36% increase In Aussie tracks played across our network.

THAT'S 20 Million Australian songs in just one month!

camera_alt Ra Ra Viper | The Warehouse | BIGSOUND 2023

Australian Played Icon Our Campaign

No matter who you are or what you listen to, you can support Australian Music. Through our Australian Played campaign we're bringing Nightlife clients, artists, industry partners, and music lovers together to celebrate Ausmusic Month.

Any Aussie song that plays through Nightlife will ensure an Aussie artist gets paid. Music lovers can help by looking for the Australian Played logo when they are choosing their music with our free jukebox app crowdDJ.

We’ll also be doing our bit to put Australian music centre stage, by adding more Australian artists to our Nightlife and crowdDJ® soundtracks. Our goal is to make sure that no matter where you go, you’ll be hearing more Aussie tunes than ever before.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid listener, Aussie artist or a Nightlife client, there are ways we can all help the Australian music industry this November.

Aussies Supporting Aussies

Artists all around the country are taking part in the Australian Played Campaign to make sure their music is being seen and heard.

Click on the Artists to hear their Australian Played Campaign shoutout.


Holy Holy


Beddy Rays


The Veronicas


Peking Duk


Evol Walks


Jazzy K


crowdDJ has recorded up to a 34% increasein local artists picked by consumers

That's 153,000+ Aussie tracks chosen by crowdDJ users in just one month!.

camera_alt Oscar The Wilde | The Outpost | BIGSOUND 2023

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