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Each November, Nightlife Music participates in ABC’s Ausmusic Month — a celebration of Australian music.

This year, Nightlife invites clients, artists, industry partners, and music lovers to show their support for Australian artists in venues across Australia.

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Why Ausmusic Month Matters to us

Nightlife LOVES Australian music — As a Brisbane born and based licensed music provider, we believe in promoting and supporting our local industry, wherever and whenever possible.

"Beyond being huge fans of the unique sound of our local music scene, we’ve learnt that everyone who loves music has a part to play in strengthening the overall ecosystem. Anything we can do to promote and educate others on the greater social and cultural value of Australian music and stories, we will.

We know Aussie businesses understand the importance of local campaigns, and we know they love to get behind them. That's why during every Ausmusic Month, we use our people, our tech and our product to make it easy for Nightlife users to get on board and join us in amplifying homegrown sounds."

Matthew Lymbury
Head of Content

A group of people attending a busy bar in Brisbane, Australia.

Nightlife recorded a 36% increase In Australian songs being played across their network.

THIS lead to a total of over 20 Million Aussie songs played for Ausmusic Month.


crowdDJ recorded a 34% increase In local artists picked during Ausmusic Month.

THIS RESULTED IN 153,456 Aussie tracks chosen by crowdDJ users.

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